by commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms.
breaking any of these rules will lead to permanent blacklisting

♡ ┊ you must be 16+ to pay* for a commission, and 16-17 year olds must have their guardian's permission. i'm sorry, this is just to avoid angry parents

*your guardian or an adult friend of yours can pay on your behalf if you really insist

(note: my patreon's discord server is 13+, however, if all you wanted was the bases for example)

♡ ┊ the only payment i accept is through paypal invoices

♡ ┊ you fully, completely understand that you are paying for a digital product that will not be shipped to you

♡ ┊ refunds are only accepted if i have not started yet

♡ ┊ large props and/or excessively detailed characters may result in an extra fee between $5~$20

♡ ┊ you agree to NOT file an unfair chargeback. doing so would result in everything i have ever made you being retracted, you will be forbidden from ever commissioning me again, your name will be posted publicly everywhere, and a paypal report will be filed against you

♡ ┊ do not lie about the price you paid me in order to profit from character resales
ex. paying me $20 for a commission, and then reselling that art for $30

♡ ┊ you are not permitted to profit off your commission
ex. selling it on shirts, stickers, keychains, hoodies, etc

♡ ┊ you're free to edit your art in any way you like, so long as credit is still given to me if posted
examples include filters, borders, cropping, adding text, etc--these are all completely fine

♡ ┊ you're free to repost your commission anywhere you like, with credit. secret answer is shortcake

♡ ┊ not only are you not free to turn your commission into an NFT, honestly don't even commission me or talk to me if you like or support NFT's at all

♡ ┊ on the subject of things i'd much rather you not commission me if it's something you're into, do not commission me or talk to me or anything if you are a fan of or support l*lisho. at all. i do not care what your opinion is on the subject. just block me and leave.

♡ ┊ if i haven't started yet, you're free to re-do your form as many times as you like
ex. changing the reference you want to a different character

♡ ┊ if you order a gift for another user, i will always put YOUR username on my to-do list, primarily to prevent spoiling surprises !

𝑐𝑎𝑛 𝑑𝑟𝑎𝑤 :

ణ ┊ kemonomimis; animal ears and tails

ణ ┊ very very humanoid anthros

ణ ┊ animals as a prop

ణ ┊ pastel colors/characters, vibrant colors/characters, and dark colors/characters -- AKA literally any color palette is fine, i won't reject your commission if it's not pastel, i just may not post it

ణ ┊ bruises, bandaids and/or bandages

ణ ┊ very very very small amounts of blood

ణ ┊ group art. the price is { usual commission type price x amount of characters = new price }, so for a commission that would normally be $50 it would then be $100 for two characters, $150 for three, $200 for four, etc. for sweet frostings i can do up to 8 characters per canvas, for vanilla creams i can do up to 4, for tea biscuits i can do up to 3, and for parfaits i can do up to 2. this is not the limit to how many commissions you can buy per opening, but just how many characters i can fit onto a single canvas. this also may be negotiable, within reason

𝑤𝑜𝑛'𝑡 𝑑𝑟𝑎𝑤 :

ణ ┊ suggestive stuff; this extends to d*lg and l*lisho, i will not draw content of that nature, full stop. even if what you wanted me to draw is "technically sfw" i simply am not going to do that for you. i have a very hard boundary about that sort of thing.

ణ ┊ i won't work with text references, i recommend using picrew if you need a temporary ref

ణ ┊ a lot of blood, cuts, or gore

ణ ┊ hate art; this is really self explanatory and obvious