by commissioning me, you are agreeing to these terms.
breaking any of these rules will lead to permanent blacklisting,
so it is important that you go over them carefully. thank you !! ♡

general guidelines

♡ ┊ by commissioning me, you agree to have both fully read and fully agreed to my terms of service

♡ ┊ i retain the rights to my work, which includes but is not limited to; the right to post online, use as samples for sales or self-promotion, and share in the form of WIPs, speedpaints, and/or art streams as perks for my patreon

♡ ┊ i have the right to refuse any commission for any reason

♡ ┊ you fully, completely understand that you are paying for a digital product, that will not be shipped to you

♡ ┊ before i begin your commission, (which, you can always check your commissions progress on my to-do list) you may re-do and re-send your form(s) as many times as you like !

♡ ┊ i will not work with l0l1c0ns, sh0t4c0ns, dd/lg, a/geplay, or any other similar variant. this applies even if your commission is "still technically SFW", do not commission me, i do not want to and will not work with you under any circumstances.

customer use

♡ ┊ the customer has the right to;

- claim rights to the character, but not the art itself
- share/repost the art, with credit
- edit the art however desired
- print the art for personal use only

♡ ┊ the customer does not have the right to;

- use my artwork commercially without my knowledge or consent
- claim to have made the art
- lie about the price paid to receive the art


♡ ┊ i only open commissions on my patreon discord server

♡ ┊ i only accept payment through paypal invoices, which are always sent in USD

♡ ┊ i only start working on the commission after i have received the full payment

♡ ┊ i don't do refunds if i've already started a commission

♡ ┊ if the commission is over $200 USD, payment plans are welcomed for returning customers only !

♡ ┊ i will not accept rush fees; i will only work on my commissions in the order i received them, in the order that is on my to-do list

♡ ┊ excessively detailed requests may result in extra fees, which i will discuss with you before the invoice is sent. the secret answer is crayon

♡ ┊ for group art, the price is { usual commission type price x amount of characters = new price }, so for a commission that would normally be $50 it would then be $100 for two characters, $150 for three characters, etc. the amount of characters i can fit onto one canvas will depend on the commission type, as well as the complexity of the characters, which we can discuss together

♡ ┊ commercial rights are an extra 50% of the final quote price

do's and don'ts

♡ ┊ i can draw:

- humans
- animal ears, and/or animal tails (kemonomimis)
- very, very, very humanoid anthros
- pets as props
- any color palette is fine, though i do work best with pastels
- wheelchairs and/or other disability aids
- bandaids and/or bandages
- very small amounts of unrealistic cartoony blood, such as in the example of a pastel cutesy zombie or something along those lines
- original characters
- fanart

♡ ┊ i won't draw:

- ferals
- anything NS/FW or suggestive by any means
- cuts, gore, or realistic blood
- pure mecha
- hateful art
- text-based references; if you don't have an image reference, i recommend using a picrew or something