are your commissions open ?
i'm only able to open my commissions to patrons, who have exclusive access to my patreon-only discord, the only place where i'm frequently able to open my commissions,, i used to open commissions more publicly, but it was extremely stressful for me, and doing it this way has cut down on my own personal stress by a landslide
do you do art trades ?
as much as i would love to, i really only ever have the time to draw commissions !! i barely even have enough time to draw personal art, so i especially don't have the time for trades, which sucks !! but hopefully i'll have more freetime in the future !!
what brushes do you use ?
i literally just use default round brushes--aka brushes with no special textures or settings or any other bells and whistles
what app/program do you use to draw ?
my drawing program is painttoolsai2 ! i also use a gaomon PD156 drawing tablet !
can i use your assets, like your laces ?
i have a few assets up on my patreon ! but unless you got them from there, no !
how do i get the font with the hearts you use ?
i made the heart font myself out of my own handwriting ! it's also a patreon perk ! sorry if this is getting redudant /gen
can i trace, reupload, edit, or use your art ? can i use your art as a pfp ?
hard no. 99% of the art i post is commissioned artworks, of characters that do not belong to you. if it were your character you most likely wouldn't want anyone else to use that art either, so PLEASE be respectful of the character owners ,, !! ;;
can i reference your art ?
absolutely !! that's completely fine !! ♡ just please don't trace of course, but referencing is okay. if its really really heavy referencing, you can credit me if you like ꒰ it is certainly appreciated ꒱, but you don't have to !
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