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not optional;
ణ ┊ fullbody, bg, info panel and name typography - $100 usd
ణ ┊ custom fee (if a custom) - $50 usd

ణ ┊ inventory - $10~$30 usd (depends on complexity)
ణ ┊ alt outift chibi (pre-designed outfit) - $45 usd
ణ ┊ alt outfit chibi (custom outfit) - $70 usd
ణ ┊ (currently lacks examples) headshot - $40 usd
ణ ┊ (currently lacks examples) backshot - $50 usd

꒰ 𝑝𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑓𝑖𝑙𝑙 𝑜𝑢𝑡 𝑡ℎ𝑖𝑠 𝑓𝑜𝑟𝑚 ꒱

♡ ┊ type: ꒰ "mocha" for a pre-existing oc, "caffè mocha" for a custom oc. include add-on's here as well. ex. "caffè mocha with a headshot and an inventory" ꒱

♡ ┊ reference/s: ꒰ a clear reference of your oc, or any sort of hair / clothes / etc you'd like me to reference !! for customs i will obviously not copy anybody elses designs though ꒱

♡ ┊ character name: ꒰ the name of your character, as well as what you'd like their name typography to look like (you can leave the latter up to me if you prefer) ꒱

♡ ┊ character traits and/or design notes: ꒰ in one of the examples above, this refers to the part where it says "kind . shy . friendly". i recommend picking three, and they can be anything you like -- pronouns, species, anything ꒱

♡ ┊ design notes: ꒰ this gets written on the reference ! in one of the examples above, it's "hides behind her hair, takes her bear everywhere, loves cuddles and naps" this is a good place for anything you want artists to take note of. also, you can choose what shape you want their palette colors to be if you like ꒱

♡ ┊ reference/s, alt outfit: ꒰ if applicable, the same as main references, but for alt outfits ꒱

♡ ┊ inventory details: ꒰ if applicable, anything you would like in your characters inventory. can be descriptions or images ꒱

♡ ┊ your username/s: ꒰ your deviantart, twitter, AND instagram usernames so i can properly credit you as the character owner and commissioner on these sites. if you don't have one or more of these, i'll just redirect to a site you do have ! if you don't have any socials at all i'll simply refer to you as one of my patrons and leave it at that ! ꒱

♡ ┊ character owner username/s: ꒰ is this a gift for someone else ? if not just leave this blank ! ꒱

♡ ┊ designer: ꒰ if not a custom, who designed this character ? ꒱

♡ ┊ species: ꒰ is your character part cat ? part bear ? or, are they even part of a closed species ? if so, who owns them ? ꒱

♡ ┊ notes: ꒰ if needed, any extra information you feel i should know !! ꒱

♡ ┊ have you read my TOS ?: ꒰ what's the secret answer ? ꒱

♡ ┊ paypal: ꒰ the email address attached to your paypal, so that i may invoice you ꒱

୨୧ ┊ a WIP will be provided of the sketch
୨୧ ┊ another WIP will be provided of the finished lineart and flatcolors
୨୧ ┊ you will receive an unwatermarked version of the finished drawing
୨୧ ┊ you will recieve an unshaded version to give to artists
୨୧ ┊ you will receive a transparent version, both shaded and unshaded (no background, just the character)
୨୧ ┊ you will receive a transparent version of their name
୨୧ ┊ you will recieve individual transparent versions of the items in their inventory
୨୧ ┊ you will receive transparent versions of their alt outfits, shaded and unshaded